Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most of the people know and understand the importance of dryer vent cleaning, there are lots of reports about dryer vent fires, ruined properties and lives. Besides this, there is another rather costly problem and that is Your energy bill, You might end up paying double or triple of what you should pay, because of the dryer vent not being cleaned Annually. Your dryer vent will accumulate lint that will stop the moisture from evaporating. What happens next, the trapped moisture comes back into the machine and the clothes will not dry, so You need to run the drying cycle again and again.


How Do We Clean

Every dryer vent cleaning is a unique job, especially with the clogged dryer vent. We may clean it from inside/ outside as needed. The cleaning process always depends on several factors, such as the configuration of the dryer vent, complexity of the work (clogged or not clogged) and location of the outlet and the machine.

A dirty dryer vent poses three critical problems. Here are the main reasons you need to keep your vents clear.

Risks Include

  • Increased risk of fire
  • Reduced air quality
  • Reduced energy efficiency

Dust and lint trapped in your vents can heat up as your dryer runs. Whether you have a gas dryer or an electric appliance, the heated air that is forced through the vent can cause lint and dust to ignite.

Does your dryer screen always seem to be full of lint? Some of that lint may be coming back through your vent, reducing the energy efficiency of your appliance, and reducing the quality of your air.

If you’ve experienced regular dryer issues and are tired of replacing or repairing this appliance, you may need to schedule a cleaning. A dusty dryer vent decreases the lifespan of your dryer and increases the risk of a breakdown.
According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 3,000 dryers catch fire each year. About one-third of those fires are caused by failing to clean your clothes dryer, leading to clogged dryer vents. These fires cause an estimated $238 million in property damage yearly.

Signs that you may need a professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • A dryer that takes more than one cycle to dry your clothes
  • Your clothes are hot after one cycle of drying
  • Dryer is hot to the touch while it is on
  • Your laundry room is humid or warm while using your dryer
  • Musty smelling clothes in the dryer
  • Increasing amount of time to dry a load of clothes
  • Lint accumulation around and behind the dryer

Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQ

Why is my dryer taking so long to dry?

When it comes to an issue with your clothes not drying, the dryer is not the problem. Vent disrepair, blockages such as bird nests or lint accumulation, and improper venting configurations are all possible causes of poor dryer function.

How do I know when my dryer vents need to be cleaned?

There can be many warning signs that indicate an elevated risk of fire or malfunction.

Are dryer fires common? What do I need to do to prevent a dryer fire?

According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Incident Reporting System, there are approximately 16,500 dryer fires every year, resulting in as many as 90 deaths, 850 injuries, and $239 million in property damages. In order to protect your home from a dryer fire, we recommend having your vents cleaned and inspected at least once a year.

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

Major appliance manufacturers recommend having a professional inspect and clean your dryer vent at least once every year. However, cleaning intervals vary depending on many factors. An honest recommendation is every 1-2 years.

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